Suntanning Association for Education Indoor Tanning Operator Pledge
I Pledge "Primum Non Nocere", to do no harm.

I Pledge to operate this tanning facility in strict compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and codes.

I Pledge to conduct business in a moral and ethical fashion.

I Pledge to provide a clean and professional facility, including properly sanitized tanning equipment.

I Pledge to inform and explain to every customer the hazards, potential risks, and protective measures involved in the use of my tanning equipment.

I Pledge to provide and require the use of mandated compliant protective eyewear.

I Pledge to stress the avoidance of overexposure and to limit customer exposure times to that individual customer's skin type, in accordance with the exposure schedule registered with the Food and Drug Administration on that tanning equipment.

I Pledge that a determination of suitability of consumer use of tanning equipment will be determined by reviewing all consumer relevant information; skin type, medications, photosensitivity, age, and previous tanning history prior to exposure.

I Pledge to maintain accurate records of each customers use of my tanning facility and the exposure time for each use.

I Pledge that a trained employee will be on duty in this facility at all times and will educate each user on the proper use of the tanning equipment and supervise each session.

I Pledge that every claim, representation, and advertisement will be to the best of my knowledge, truthful, and factual, and in compliance with the current federal regulations.  In accordance with the regulations, I will make no health, safety or medical claims to promote the use of my tanning facility.