The Positive Effects of the Sun
There are many known positive effects on the results of exposure to sunlight.  Sunlight has positive influences on such medical problems as psoriasis, seasonal effective disorder, and Vitamin D3 synthesis, Does indoor tanning provide the same results?  There certainly many anecdotal references to feeling better and mood elevations from  tanning indoors.  Currently, there is research being undertaken to evaluate the effects of indoor tanning.  For example, photobiologists, such as Boston University's Dr. Michael Holick, have found that  Vitamin D is produced in the body with minimal UV exposure from indoor tanning, as it is in natural sunlight. Dr Alan Fleischer of Wake Forest , has completed a study that finds relief from psoriasis with exposure to UV from  indoor tanning. Recently, research from the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center indicates that endorphins (the feel good hormone that some runners also experience) may actually be produced during the indoor tanning experience. Of course, many salon owners have known this anecdotally for years. People enjoy indoor tanning.

However, at this time, no medical claims regarding health benefits  or the relative safety ADVANTAGE/OPTION of indoor tanning may be claimed by indoor tanning representatives, Such claims are prohibited by the Food and Drug Administration and are monitored by the Federal Trade Commission.