1700 Young Street
Cincinnati, OH 45210

Dear Producers of WLWT-TV;

Last week, your evening news program reported on an alleged injury from an indoor tanning bed.   The report alleges that a Cincinnati women, Larri Brown, fell asleep in her home tanning unit for three hours and that the units timing system failed in its operation.  Brown's husband allegedly woke her up and took her to the hospital were there were claims from Brown that the hospital told her that the burns were from the inside out and there was nothing that they could do.  The report also compared indoor tanning to microwave overns.

The ultraviolet light that is emitted from indoor tanning units do not penetrate beyond the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous layers of the skin without sufficient energy to penetrate any further.  They do not emit microwaves and if erythema or sunburn is suffered, it is in the epidermis layer of the skin, not the internal organs. 

Millions of people have chosen to tan indoors with moderation and responsibility.  Your station should have used responsibility before issuing erroneous statements on indoor tanning products and respectfully demand that you correct those errors. 


Joe Schuster
Media Liaison